ConRepublic is an effort devoted to supporting Constitutionally focused candidates for Federal, State, and Local office in an effort to fight the Secular Progressive agenda. We are calling all Liberty loving Americans to unite and restore our Constitutional Republic. We must restore power to the people.

If you feel our country is quickly turning into a politically correct bankrupt authoritarian secular progressive nightmare. A Country governed by people who have zero respect for the Constitution and the Liberty it demands, click your state on the map to join the fight.

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Will You Stand
The Constitution is a document which ensures the citizens of the United States of America are in control of the Government. The Federal Government has slowly assumed illegal powers and is now in control of virtually everything in the country. The people have very little authority over the Federal Government which is why state control is so important. The Federal Government is responsible for the vast majority of problems which plague our nation. They are responsible for the toxic discourse in our politics. They need to be held to account. Join us and we will return power to the place it belongs. The People.